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    Sensual Milking Table Massage Reviews

    Rachael Richards

    I’m a sensual bodywork artist offering thera-erotic-style nude bodywork. I am happy, friendly, intelligent, worldly, and well educated. Bodywork is my art and I absolutely LOVE it.

    Your arousal excites me. 

    As a lifelong student of the sensual arts and erotic massage, I’ve spent years studying the physiological, emotional, and energetic components of arousal. This has included formal academic study into physiology, neurobiology, and psychology, as well as deep dives into Somatic, Taoist, and Tantric principles. Combine this learning with almost 15 years of hands on practice and you can see why my services are unique. I am so lucky to be able to share the art of arousal with others through erotic massage and edging.

    Have you ever been so aroused your body moved involuntarily?
    Have you even been so aroused you could barely breathe?
    Have you even been so aroused your face and hands tingled?
    Have you even been so aroused you couldn’t speak, or could only say “fuck”?
    Have you ever been so aroused you’d say “yes” to anything?

    My erotic massage sessions are perfect for anyone ready to leave expectations behind and surrender to the experience of arousal.

    What Is a Milking Table?

    A milking table is much like a traditional massage table, except it has been customized for the comfort and pleasure of a man — no more wiggling and shifting to avoid crushing your most delicate parts. It makes for the utimate erotic massage experience.

    Why Receive an Erotic Massage on a Milking Table?

    Comfort, relaxation, and pleasure of course. The design of a milking table allows for blood to flow more freely to your nether regions with the natural assistance of gravity. Along with this increase in blood flow comes more sensitivity — and who wouldn’t want that? Additionally, my erotic massage table is designed to give me maximum accessibility to your entire body while you are face down, thereby allowing you to experience erotic sensations you never felt before. Best experienced with an erotic edging massage

    Erotic Milking Table Massage Services


    Relax on the Edge

    My Favorite

    • 1.5 hr: $600
    • 2 hr : $800

    Don’t know what to choose?

    I highly recommend you relax into an edging massage session. Starting with my classic nude bodywork and ending with my signature erotic edging. Deep states of relaxation lead to even deeper states of arousal — this is what my sensual massage table was made for.

    Recommended for all first timers.

    If you only have on chance to meet me, this is the experience you want to book (2hr).

    Rachael Richards giving an erotic massage in PHiladelphia

    The Edge

    The Art of Edging

    • 1.5 hr: $700

    Don’t you love a good tease?

    I know I do. For those who would rather skip the warm up (but why?) and go right for the edge. Fall into an erotic trance for an hour and a half filled with pleasure and ecstasy on my custom erotic massage milking table. I’ll take you to the edge and back, over and over and over… Think you’ve experienced edging before? It was nothing like this. I love watching you squirm in delirious bliss.


    I only recommend this session for people who have ample edging experience and know how to control their arousal through breath work.



    A Decadent Experience of Sensual Domination

    A great introduction for those curious about kink and looking to explore, as well as an alternative to the traditional dominatrix and dungeon. I love assisting others in discovering themselves, and the desires that have either laid dormant or been pushed aside.

    • 1.5hr $800
    • 2hr $1,000

    Inquire for longer experiences, dinner dates and duos with Rachel Smithe .

     Bondassage Duo  with Rachel Smithe  staring at $1,700

    Strap on Philadelphia

    Sensual Strap

    For The Curious

    • + $100

    For those curious about sensual strap on play, prostate massage, or spending some time luxuriating on the bottom, this a a great addition to any edging massage. The more aroused you are, the more open you are to additional erotic experiences. My focus on slow sensuality ensures you’ll be relaxed and receptive to this pleasure.


    Recommended for the curious and experienced alike

    Experience a milking table massage with rachael richards

    Date Night

    3-4 hrs: $1600

    If you’re looking for more of a personal connection or someone to enjoy social time with, I am available for a light meal/drinks, followed by one of my milking table experiences.

    If you are interested in exploring BDSM, we can discuss this over drinks. I have found that more conversation and connection is required for me to enjoy kink.
    I am a Stone Top with over 15 years of experience in the scene.

    Please contact me well in advance if you would like to schedule this outside of my regularly posted availability. To avoid an abrupt ending or a rushed experience, I prefer to keep the duration of our date fluid.