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    December 2017

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    What Is Post-Orgasm Torture?

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    Post-orgasm torture is when stimulation is continued after orgasm. Because the body is in a state of heightened sensitivity after release, the sensations produce by post-orgasm torture are intense, and can even be painful. This often sets up a power dynamic where the receiver is forced to endure something they would normally enjoy, thereby putting the “torturer” in a position of power. Post-orgasm torture is best done when the receiver is bound or otherwise restrained, as they often twitch, kick, thrash, and flail uncontrollably.

    For people who are kinky and like to submit, post-orgasm torture is a natural extension of edging. The body stays in a heightened state of arousal for a long time while edging, and this sensitivity lingers post-orgasm. Imagine wanting to release so badly you’re begging for it, you finally receive the stimulation you’ve been aching for, but then it won’t stop. If this sounds awful to you, that’s why it’s called torture.

    If we’ve met before, you may already be aware of my fondness for post-orgasm torture, even if you are unaware of its moniker. It’s one of the things I love to do simply because the response delights me, and I am often unable to resist the temptation when the opportunity to indulge presents itself. Some people laugh, some people cry, and some people just beg for it to end—it’s that wonderful.

    Interested in being bound, edged, and tortured?

    Be sure to let me know!