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    January 2018

    Rachael Richards in lingerie and fishnets leaning back on her table

    Which Service Should I Choose?

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    So you’ve stumbled onto my site and aren’t sure which experience is right for you.

    My suggested first-timer session is always Relax on The Edge. It is my favorite, and it makes optimal use of my milking table.

    I do not usually feel comfortable making suggestions for people who I do not know and have never met. I prefer relying on you to know what you like.

    Here are some questions to help you determine which session is best for you:

    Is my milking table your primary interest?*

    YesRelax on The Edge, The Edge

    No– Any Service

    Are you interested in edging?

    YesThe Edge or Relax on The Edge

    NoNude Bodywork

    Are you submissive or curious about BDSM?

    YesBondassage or The Edge

    NoNude Bodywork, The Edge, or Relax on The Edge

    Which offering are you intuitively drawn to?

    Don’t second guess yourself– Choose that service!

    If you are interested in edging but do not have any previous experience with it, I recommend Relax on The Edge or The Edge 1hr. Please refrain from booking a longer edging experience unless you are certain it is for you. Not all bodies enjoy being exposed to high levels of arousal for extended periods of time.

    *Nude Bodywork does not take place on my milking table

    Hope to see you soon!