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    January 2021

    Rachael richards on her milking table

    Don’t be Fooled by Imitators- I am The Original Milking Table Massage Artist™

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    When I started advertising milking table massages and my unique take on edging there was hardly anyone even mentioning edging (aside from some Tantric practitioners) I had never seen anyone offering milking table services at all. That’s not to say that I entirely created the milking table. There was plenty of porn on the internet. I didn’t invent edging either but I did blend them to create a unique offering and a unique experience that I had never seen anywhere. Even the porn I saw related to milking tables was not specifically aimed at edging in any way.

    I created my milking table in 2013 after a long time client of mine told me that I would enjoy it. He put me on to milking table porn and first time I saw it I knew I had to have one. I looked online and found NOWHERE to purchase a milking table so I created my own. I loved it so much that I created my unique edge experiences. If you come across another website with content and verbiage strikingly similar to what you find on this website you can trust that the content originated with me (you can easily track my online presence back a decade). Since I started advertising my unique milking table edging experiences I have had to be vigilant about people who have copied my ads, and even my photos. To this day I will notice a woman asked me for a reference and then a day or a week later that woman is advertising “The Edge with milking table”.

    While I support everyone’s ability to make money and stay safe in whatever business they are in I do think one should be be skeptical of someone who copies the content and ideas of others. I put a lot of time and energy into my website and the content that I put on the Internet. If my description and the verbiage on my website appeals to you I can assure you it’s because it is authentic. Edging is my kink and I believe that that shows through in both my services and my content. As a Stone Top (learn about what this means here), edging others offers me a uniquely satisfying experience. The sights, sounds, and sensations of someone in the throws of an arousal higher than they have ever experienced is an absolute delight to my being. To be with someone as this endorphin rush is coursing through their body thrills me in a way that words are too limiting to describe.

    I encourage everyone to seek out experiences and people that intrigue them. Erotic services are unique in that the individuals offering them are unique. You can take on the same activities with different people and have completely different experiences with each person. When you seek out my milking table edging offerings you are seeking to experience them with their original creator and a true edging fetishist- The Original Milking Table Massage Artist ™ since 2013