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    Erotic Massage Chicago Review

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    Chicago Erotic Massage Artist:
    Rachael Richards

    If you’re seeking an erotic massage in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. I am an incredibly desirable and sexy sensual artist — and an expert in milking table massage — offering the finest nude bodywork and personalized erotic journeys. Voluptuous, dark haired, green eyed, I’m exactly what you’ve been looking for in a Chicago sensual massage artist. And there’s no way you’ll be able to deny my sexy curves, soft skin and inviting personality.

    Your anticipation, stimulation and primal needs are catered to in every sensual experience I offer.  (All too often, these urges are overlooked or ignored.) You will immediately feel at ease in the clean, quiet and relaxing space I provide. And don’t be surprised if you get lost in the candlelight and carefully selected music — I’m known for creating the perfect atmosphere that sends you to another world. Curious about my background in Chicago erotic massage?

    What Is a Milking Table Massage?

    Have you been wondering what a milking table is? The answer: it is very much like a standard massage table, except for one very important difference. It is built with a waist-level hole for a man’s most sensitive, pleasurable parts. Perfect for a Chicago sensual massage.

    Are you drawn to intense adventure? Receiving a milking table erotic massage in Chicago will take you to where you’ve always dreamt of going. My hands will take you to a blissed-out state of ecstasy.

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    Why Seek a Chicago Erotic Massage on a Milking Table?

    For one undeniable reason: full-body, aching pleasure that drives you to the edge and back again… and again… and again. A milking table is designed with your arousal in mind. The second hole works with gravity to direct blood flow to your nether regions. Words can’t describe the intense sensitivity you’ll feel when you receive a Chicago sensual massage on my milking table. Imagine your heart racing, your skin tingling and your body drowning in euphoric chills. Now multiply that by 100. Let me show you…

    Chicago Sensual Massage Services

    Rachael Richards in black lingerie before giving a sensual edging massage in Chicago

    Relax on the Edge

    Soft, slow, sensual bodywork… no clothes, no inhibitions. You’ll lose yourself in this full-on edging session. It’s my favorite…

    The Edge

    Seeking a Chicago sensual massage but desiring something deeper, more intense, more erotic? Try an edging session…

    Rachael Richards giving a Chicago bondassage massage


    A life-changing intro to kink and BDSM… Bondassage taps into your deepest desires. Are you body and mind ready?

    Nude FBSM Chicago massage artist Rachael Richards in see through lingerie

    Nude Bodywork

    Seductive skin-on-skin bodywork in the nude. If you’re looking to be caressed and pampered, this is made for you…

    Rachael Richards before a Chicago sensual massage on her milking table

    What Is Edging?

    Sometimes known as “peaking,” “surfing,” or “orgasm control,” edging involves teasing out a high level of arousal without leading to orgasm (Chicago sensual massage seekers: I am an expert in this type of erotic play.) You are slowly brought to the “edge” of orgasm but never allowed to release. The surfing-near-orgasm technique is repeated over and over again.

    Through the repetition of peaking over an extended period of time, you experience an intensely high arousal, overflowing with sexual sensations. Many men describe their edging experiences as feeling “trance-like” and “transcending space and time.” It is a euphoric sensation unlike anything else you have experienced. When your orgasm if finally allowed, the physical experience is exponentially more pleasurable, more intense, and of course, more memorable. Try this type of Chicago sensual massage if edging is what you desire.

    Rachael Richards in purple bikini with a riding crop about to give a Chicago erotic massage

    What is Bondassage?

    Bondassage is as varied as its practitioners. No two people approach this art the same way. For me, Bondassage revolves around embodiment and diving down to the depths of physical sensation. For example, sensory deprivation and bondage — both borrowed from BDSM — are ever present in Bondassage. These techniques allow me to take pleasure and presence to a higher, more sensitive level (especially in your Chicago sensual massage).

    As a Bondassage practitioner, I want nothing more than to lead you to a state where you completely let go and allow yourself to get lost in the experience, both physically and mentally. (Don’t underestimate your mind’s response to your body being bound and surrendering control.) If you yearn for the feeling of letting go while someone takes control of your arousal, Bondassage can be an incredibly satisfying experience.