Frequently Asked Questions

    Where will we meet?

    For cleanliness and safety I always host at my private apartment. I never travel to private residences or hotels. The approximate location of where I am located is usually listed on my calendar. In smaller cities I do not publicly advertise my location. This information will be given to you after you have been screened.

    When will you be visiting  my city?

    My location and future travel plans are always listed on the calendar. If you do not see your city listed then I do not have plans to be there. I am not taking travel requests at this time.

    What are your hours?

    Though I am open to appointments 9a to 10p, my exact availability varies by day.

    How far in advance do I need to book?

    More notice is always best. I take a very limited number of appointments. Because of this my schedule fills quickly. If you have a narrow time frame to get together then it is best to contact me 1-2 weeks ahead. If you have more flexibility then 3-5 days should suffice. I can sometimes accommodate an appointment with 24-48 hours notice, but this is increasingly rare. When I am traveling I almost always have a full schedule prior to my arrival.

    I am interested in edging but I don’t usually last very long. Can I go twice?

    This is a silly question. The art of edging is the antithesis of “going twice”. If you have a problem lasting the answer is to train your body to experience sustained arousal, not try to get one out of the way first. I have a lot of experience helping men with PE and have developed strategies¬† for this exact scenario. Likewise, our appointment will not end early if you are too quick (unless you want it to).

    Do you offer _____ ?

    If you do not see it explicitly advertised, then I do not offer it. Do not bother me with whatever weird acronym or thinly veiled questioned you may have. I specialize in edging and erotic massage. If either of these interest you then you will likely enjoy a session with me. If there are specific acts that are essential in order for you to enjoy an erotic experience then we are not a good match. Expectation is the death of true erotic exploration. Please do not burden me with your own preconceived notions.

    Do you offer 1 hour appointments?

    If you do not see it explicitly advertised, then I do not offer it.

    What is the difference between The Edge and Relax on the Edge?

    Relax on The Edge is erotic massage + edging. The Edge is all edging no erotic massage. If you have no experience with edging I recommend Relax on The Edge. The Edge is best for people who already have some experience with edging and are well aware of how their body responds.

    Can I shower at your place?

    You must shower upon your arrival to my apartment. Please do not make me insist on this.

    Is it alright if I shower before I arrive instead?

    You must shower upon your arrival to my apartment. Please do not make me insist on this.

    Do you take outfit request?

    If there is something you would like to see me in, please let me know a few days prior to our meeting. I am happy to accommodate your request if I can. Otherwise my outfits change with my mood. You might catch me in full lingerie, t-shirt and panties, or simply a robe.

    Do you see couples?

    Not at this time. I currently only see solo men.

    I’d like to bring a token of my appreciation. What can I bring you?

    I never expect tips or gift, though I have found some people hate to show up empty handed. My favorite gift to receive is lilies. They’re lovely to look at and will ensure I am reminded of you all week! It is also fun receiving interesting toys you’re curious about trying,