Retirement is Inevitable

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    After almost a decade in the erotic massage industry I now consider myself semi-retired. What does semi-retired even mean? It means I no longer see clients full time and I only see clients because I want to, not because I need to. I am currently focusing on other endeavors. Although I have considered retiring from…

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    Don’t be Fooled by Imitators- I am The Original Milking Table Massage Artist™

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    When I started advertising milking table massages and my unique take on edging there was hardly anyone even mentioning edging (aside from some Tantric practitioners) I had never seen anyone offering milking table services at all. That’s not to say that I entirely created the milking table. There was plenty of porn on the internet.…

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    Which Service Should I Choose?

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    So you’ve stumbled onto my site and aren’t sure which experience is right for you. My suggested first-timer session is always Relax on The Edge. It is my favorite, and it makes optimal use of my milking table. I do not usually feel comfortable making suggestions for people who I do not know and have…

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    What Is Post-Orgasm Torture?

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    Post-orgasm torture is when stimulation is continued after orgasm. Because the body is in a state of heightened sensitivity after release, the sensations produce by post-orgasm torture are intense, and can even be painful. This often sets up a power dynamic where the receiver is forced to endure something they would normally enjoy, thereby putting…

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    I have noticed more and more providers requiring deposits for their time and services. You may have noticed this too. I was initially quite surprised by this occurrence. You may have been too. However, providers are constantly dealing with the threat of cancellations. Cancellations have the ability to hurt one’s livelihood, especially when special accommodations…

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    Would You Like a Review?

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    Reviews are a funny thing (milking table massage reviews included). I understand their usefulness, and I think they help to keep us all safe. However, the “kiss and tell” aspect leaves a lot of us ladies feeling uncomfortable, at best. Even when it’s positive and flattering, It doesn’t feel great to read about your intimate…

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    I Am Never Available Now

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    I understand that life can be unpredictable, and that’s why I never get upset if you have to cancel, even if it is the day of our scheduled meeting. Actually, I always require a same-day confirmation, just in case something comes up, you happen to forget we have an appointment, or you just get cold…

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    Bondassage Is Not About Pain

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    And neither is kink or fetishism. For that matter, only a small part of BDSM as a whole is about pain, and I’m not really sure where this widespread perception that kink is all about pain came from. Is that how mainstream media portrays it? I’m way too deeply involved in the kink world to…

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    What Is Edging?

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    I am frequently asked, “What is Edging?” Edging massage is one of my absolute favorite sexual activities, and I am utterly delighted to have discovered how many people are curious about it! There are many ways to explore edging, and it is a great introduction into erotic power dynamics (if that sort of thing appeals to…

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