No Reviews, Please

    I pride myself in providing a unique erotic experience.

    Due to the intimate and very personal nature of my services, I have a strict NO REVIEW policy.

    I offer an unimaginably relaxing and arousing form of erotic massage. Your body is my canvas… imagine being lavished in long, sensuous strokes. Slow, sexy, indulgent… you’ve never experienced anything like this before.

    I am particular about who I meet and I am very strict with screening. Because of this, I have been repeatedly threatened with false reviews by people who were upset when I refused to see them. Reviews make providers vulnerable to manipulation and scare tactics. I absolutely will not participate in review culture which supports this behavior. In January 2018, I stopped accepting explicit reviews. If you have seen a review of me posted more recently than January 2018 you can trust that person has either violated my request for privacy or has not actually met me. Either way, be skeptical. I do not engage in any online forums, and I have removed myself from sites that encourage explicit reviews. At this time, I am unwilling to accept the risk of having explicit descriptions of the private time I spend with others posted online. Reviews expose both parties to an unacceptable level of risk.

    If you need explicit reviews, or you have a checklist of “must haves” in order to enjoy our time together, then I am not right for you. If you do not feel comfortable seeing me because I do not have reviews online, then simply move on. I do not need reviews for the masses when I’m only interested in meeting the discreet few. I am authentically kinky, sensual, feminine, and dominant. The services I offer are the result of a life-long massage fetish. Edging is, and has always been, a true kink for me (as are tease/denial and orgasm control). I am grateful to be able to share these parts of me, and I will not bow down to the “review powers that be” in order to continue. I provide a unique and sensual erotic massage experience. My photos are always up to date, and you can see regular selfies on my Twitter. This is truly a labor of love.

    All testimonial excerpts on this site were taken from previously published reviews.

    I hope you appreciate my efforts to keep all private time private…you’re in for a treat.

    What are you waiting for?

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    Below are some of my previous reviews. The highest score a massage-only service could receive was a 7 on the site these reviews came from.