Retirement is Inevitable

    Retirement is Inevitable

    Retirement is Inevitable

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    After almost a decade in the erotic massage industry I now consider myself semi-retired. I am based in Boston in rarely tour.

    What does semi-retired even mean?

    It means I no longer see clients full time and I only see clients because I want to, not because I need to. I am currently focusing on other endeavors. Although I have considered retiring from this industry entirely, this work is and always has been an outlet for my sensuality and creativity. I enjoy touching others and I am reluctant to withdraw myself completely from something that is frequently a source of pleasure and enjoyment. Instead, I am opting to be ultra-selective about who I meet and when I am available. I am only able to meet a few hours each week. Some weeks or months I have no availability at all.

    Screening, Scheduling, and Marketing

    I love expressing my sensuality, and I find the administrative work of running a business to be joyless and taxing. Unfortunately, administrative work is easily where one spends the bulk of their time and energy in this business. It is this joyless work that I no longer have space for in my life. As a result, I have streamlined administrative tasks to work optimally for me. I recently updated my website and did my last professional photo shoot (February 2021). I will not be putting any additional efforts into marketing myself post 2021.

    I do not have energy to waste following up with emails and inquires that do not meet my strict screening criteria. New inquires without the requested ID selfie go directly to the trash. Emails that do not relate to screening or scheduling are unlikely to receive a response. I work by email only. I do not respond to emails or inquiries Wednesday-Friday. While the vast majority of people I see have known me for some time, I am still open to meeting new people. People who follow my directions carefully and respect my need for safety are the people I most enjoy spending time with. As a result, these are the only people who I am interested in meeting.

    I love what I do but as other passions take hold, my life is heading in a different direction.




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