What Is Edging?

    What Is Edging?

    What Is Edging?

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    I am frequently asked, “What is Edging?”

    Edging massage is one of my absolute favorite sexual activities, and I am utterly delighted to have discovered how many people are curious about it! There are many ways to explore edging, and it is a great introduction into erotic power dynamics (if that sort of thing appeals to you). For me, edging is all about tracking and controlling the arousal of someone else. Arousal is a potent physiological state, and I obtain a remarkable high when experiencing another person’s slow climb into a state of unprecedented arousal. The increased heart rate, flushed skin, erratic breathing, and ecstatic moans feed my erotic appetite… I could revel in your arousal forever.

    But What IS Edging?

    Edging is a sexual technique sometimes referred to as “peaking,” “orgasm control,” or “surfing.” It involves prolonging a high arousal state, without reaching orgasm. This high arousal is reached by slow bringing one to the “edge” of orgasm, but backing off just prior to release. By skillfully “surfing” near orgasm using this technique, a high arousal is stretched out over an extended period of time. The result is a build-up of powerful sexual sensations, which can induce a highly pleasurable, euphoric state. People often experience changes in perceived consciousness when in this state, reporting feeling of transcending space and time, as if they have fallen into an erotic trance. In addition to this euphoria, when orgasm is finally allowed, the physical experience is exponentially more intense and pleasurable, due largely to the intense physical demands of remaining in a state of high arousal, coupled with the accumulation of sexual tension.

    There are a few commonly seen uses of edging, as orgasm control lends itself quite well to BDSM practices.

    “Tie and tease” is the coupling of edging with bondage. This can be a physically, and psychologically intense experience, as sexual tensions, and frustrations are further exacerbated by the helpless of being in bondage.

    “Tease and denial,” also referred to as “orgasm denial” is essentially edging without any release. Orgasm denial is a great way to establish, and exercise control over someone. The intense arousal and psychological need that can be cultivated with orgasm denial often helps one to enjoy intense feelings of erotic submission, and surrender. Orgasm denial can be taken one step further, into chastity… but that’s a topic for another time.


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